There Is Such A Thing As Good Government:
Good government succeeds here in Routt County. As your County Commissioner I go to work every day and work on the issues that are most important to our citizens. I have worked with my fellow commissioners on significant improvements to our critical infrastructure including repaving and other improvements to the Yampa Valley Regional Airport; partnering with the Town of Hayden on the Seneca Hill Water Tank Project; completion of long overdue improvements to County Road 14 as well as securing grant funding for the installation of a fiber-optic backbone through Steamboat Springs in collaboration with Northwest Colorado Broadband. I support our “pay-as-you-go” policy of maintaining adequate reserves to maintain our roads and replace our capital assets. I am proud that we have been able to provide for competitive compensation for our hard working employees. All this has been accomplished within existing revenue streams and with balanced budgets.

Protect Our Environment And Prevent Transfer of Public Lands:
While we consider adjusting some of our regulations to incentivize the construction of affordable housing, we must preserve those things that make our community such a desirable place to live: open space, clean air and clean water. Our vibrant agricultural and recreational economies rely upon the public lands that surround us, and I pledge to continue the >ight to oppose the transfer of these lands into state or private ownership.

Continue Support Of Early Childhood Education & Childcare And The ACA:
As Co-Chairman of First Impressions I have led the way to provide more local funding for our early childhood education and childcare providers in an effort to attract more state funding to support working families. Since December of 2014 we have more than doubled the # of children we serve to 60! I wholeheartedly supported the county’s role in the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and today there are at least 4,000 of our residents that have health insurance that did not 3 years ago.

Promote Local Businesses and Support Education:
I work with our business community to encourage the establishment of new businesses, support existing enterprises, and to attract location neutral workers and entrepreneurs to locate here. I continue to advocate on behalf of our public schools to insure the greatest opportunities for all of our kids.

I rely upon my experience as a husband, father of 4 kids, small business owner, school board member and coach to look after the interests of all of our citizens, and look forward to serving you for the next 4 years.

– Tim Corrigan